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Bold As Love

All the birds they dance below me...

Gypsy Toni Jane
8 January 1987
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HI! *waves*

My name is Toni, or rather Toni Jane, as I prefer.
I am a 20-something young lady, I have dark blonde/light brown hair and blue eyes and I absolutely love Harry Potter, Hanson and books such as Dracula.
I love to write poetry, fanfics and I have even dabbled in songwriting. I have a vampire fetish.

Favourite bands/Artists =

* Hanson
* Kidney Theives
* Our Lady Peace
* Lisa Loeb
* Evanescence
* Free Dominguez
* Powderfinger
* Bernard Fanning
* Drag
* Rogue Traders
* The Whitlams
* Maroon 5
* Joss Stone
* John Mayer
* The Live Room
* Eisley
* INXS (The Old stuff, not JD fortune or whatever his name is)
* Guns 'n' Roses
* I LOVE ALL MUSIC!!! (except rap and hip hop and most r&b)

Favourite Books =

* Dracula
* Harry Potter series
* Vampyre
* Picture of Dorian Gray
* Hunchback of Notre Dame

And my all time favourite is "Alice's Adventured In Wonderland" and "Through The Looking Glass and what Alice Found There"

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