Blue Dragonfly

Bold As Love

All the birds they dance below me...

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Every one who was already on my flist, stays on it. lol

yea, i kinda figured that after the fact.

[its been a long ass day lmao]

Hey, I just came across your livejournal and saw that you are the author of Fragile.. I have read most of what you have but lost the link a while back and couldn't find it and I loved that story... and now I see that you lost all your stuff to the story.. I know thats got to suck.. I have been there.. but i was just wanted to see if you cared if i added you as a friend on here..

Go for it. You've been added.

I would like to able to read some of your stories. so would you pretty please add me to your friends list? *puppy dog eyes*

I don't actually post my stories on here, but I'll add you anyway.

thanks for adding me. I just looked at your profile again and noticed that me and you have a lot of stuff in common.. I write poetry and songs.. Im in the process of turning some of my poems into songs.. Check out my lj and read some of my poems that i have on there and tell me what you think. I think that two of the ones that are on there are being turned into songs.. Im almost done with one.. my brother's band is supposed to write the music for me since Im not that good at the guitar yet and I don't remember how to play the keyboards because I haven't played in over ten years. but Im excited that they agreed to write the music for me.


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