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Cyclone Yasi
Blue Dragonfly
We are safe.

The eye of the Cyclone crossed the coast at about 11.45pm Wednesday February 2 as a category 5 just south of a little bit of Heaven, Mission Beach.

We lost power just after 5 pm the same day and we only just got it back at 5.45 pm last night, a week without power is very frustrating and annoying and hot, and now Air Con is too cold :(

The cyclone was about the same size as Hurrican Katrina and just as strong, thankfully, no deaths have been recorded as a direct result of the cyclone. One man was killed because he used a generator indoors, but as far as I am aware,

I am loading the photos I took during and after the storm now and will post them here when I get a chance.

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I'm glad to hear you're okay! :)

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